Case histories

4-meter guillotine shears for 16-mm-thick sheet metal

Power and quality
Our Kuwaiti customer, as well as the 300-ton, 4-meter press brake, also bought a 4-meter guillotine shear. This machine is able to cut high-thickness plates, up to 16 mm.  Like all Gasparini shears, it's equipped with the Blade Pads system to ensure maximum (...)

330 ton/4 meter press brake to Kuwait

Italian quality and reliability
Gemco International is responsible for studying the production needs of the end customer and searching for the best machinery. Their technicians are able to install and maintain them thanks to their 35 years of experience in more than 45 countries.    Through Gemco International, (...)

Second press brake for CA.TE.

Continuous growth and investments
Today February  26th, friends from CA.TE. of Parma came to visit us for machine pre-test. Two years ago we interviewed Marcello Malerba and his colleagues to know better their story and their firm. In June 2014 they had bought a 200-ton/4-meter press brake. Now they're about to receive (...)

225 ton/3000 mm press brake for Galdi

Efficiency and precision
  Galdi is one of the top European manufacturers of filling machines for milk, juices, yoghurt and beverages. Their history begins in the '70s with Galdino Candiotto, the owner of a small dairy. Galdino, unhappy with current filling machines, develops his own bottling line. (...)

165 ton/3 m press brake for Frigo Line

Cooling and conditioning
The last delivery of this beautiful 2017 is for Frigo Line of Oderzo (Treviso - Italy). Frigo Line specializes in the supply, installation and maintenance of refrigerator cells, refrigerated counters, deep-freezing systems, air-conditioning and cooling systems. The company's experience (...)

Three press brakes to Taiwan

One 165/3000 and two 80/2000
Unlike other Asian countries, Taiwan is a centre of excellence for machinery production and other manufacturing industries. The island's companies aim to achieve European quality standards and therefore prefer high-end machine tools.    We are currently completing the construction (...)

Lean, accurate, fast: TE.CO.ME. of Arsego (Italy)

Quality you can recognize
TE.CO.ME. is a company of San Giorgio delle Pertiche, in the province of Padua. Founded in 2005 by Mr. Luigino Bragotto, class 1948, continuing his entrepreneurial adventure that began in 1989. The acronym stands for TEcnologie COmputerizzate MEccaniche (Computerized Mechanical (...)

Tridem press brakes in Sweden

High-quality bars and profiles
Hans Frederiksen and other Sertech employees have assembled this 12-meter tridem for Borga Byggprofiler AB in Tråvad, Sweden. The company produces metal roofs, walls, and profiles for the building industry. The three 105-tonne/4-meters press brakes were already owned by Borga Byggprofiler. (...)

165-ton press brake for subcontractor

Maximum processing flexibility
15/9/2017 of San Giorgio delle Pertiche (PD) is a fabricator specialising in sheet metal processing. It was founded in 2005 stemming from a long experience. has already made many steps forward, being recognized in many different fields:  windows/building yellow (...)

Fratelli Lebran: a family story

Interview with Simone Lebran
We visited a company that can be held as an example of the region of Veneto. A company made of honesty, dedication and work ethics. A family like many others, that moved from agriculture to industry, experimenting and learning how to be an entrepreneur. A natural evolution, made without any (...)

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