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Gasparini has always perceived the importance of product research and technological innovation, developing 4 new patents in the last years and achieving a leadership position in the market of machine tools for sheet metal working.

Thanks to its constant engineering research, Gasparini is qualified as a Research Laboratory by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research).

Ecology and the Environment

Gasparini has always respected ecological principles and was among the first to employ special water-based paints and steam washing machines for cleaning and degreasing instead of common chemical products.

Gasparini has always been complying with the laws for environment protection, developing a production system with respect for ecology.

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Quality and Certification

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The quality of Gasparini products is granted by the permanent research and development activity for product's innovation and operator's safety.
Since 2005, the quality system of Gasparini Italy has been certificated in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 assuring to the customer a constant supervision of production and management processes before and after sales.

Gasparini products are CE marked, this means that they respect the essential requirements of safety and health established through the specific European directive.

Our desire to continuously improve ourselves has led us to adopt the Kaizen system, that helps us to reduce idle times, to optimize production process and reduce warehouse stock. As a consequence, product quality continues to grow and production costs are being reduced.


Many of the inventions developed by Gasparini have been patented. The most important ones are:

  • ACSG adaptive real-time crowning
  • GPS4 springback correction and angle measurement system
  • AIC pneumatic clamping intermediates
  • Reflex frame deformation compensation
  • All staff members, from Production to Sales, actively contributes to innovation by submitting their ideas. Research and Development turn these ideas into prototypes and then accessories and technical improvements. For these reasons Gasparini’s press brakes represent the state-of-the-art: we keep on looking for solutions to bending problems every day.

patents sheet metal working

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