Guillotine shears retrofit

Hydraulic circuit
  • All pipes and fittings are replaced
  • Analog proportional valves are replaced with new digital integrated valves in order to increase the speed and precision
  • The hydraulic system is cleaned and calibrated with standard pressure
  • Waste oil is replaced
  • Oil filters are replaced with newer models
retrofitting hydraulic shears circuit

Electric circuit and CNC
  • Replacement of electrical panel and components
  • Complete rewiring of all power and signal connections
  • Replacement of pedals and pushbuttons
  • Replacing the obsolete CNC with the new one
retrofitting electric circuit shears

refurbishing hydraulic shears

Hardware and look
  • Milling of back gauge to get a precise support of sheet metal and recover original precision
  • Laser aligment of blade ram for a more linear cut, also thanks to the Gasparini blade pads system
  • Check of back photocell operation
  • Complete cleaning and repainting of the machine
renovation hydraulic shears

renewed hydraulic shears

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