Press brake retrofit

Hydraulic circuit
  • All pipes and fittings are replaced
  • Analog proportional valves are replaced with new digital integrated valves in order to increase the speed and precision
  • The hydraulic system is cleaned and calibrated with standard pressure
  • Waste oil is replaced
  • Oil filters are replaced with newer models
hydraulic system maintenance

Electric circuit and CNC
  • Replacement of electrical panel and components
  • Complete rewiring of all power and signal connections
  • Replacement of pedals and pushbuttons
  • LED lighting on front and rear
  • Optional wireless pedal
  • Replacing the obsolete CNC with the new one featuring:
    • Import/export of files via network or USB stick
    • Simulation of the pieces with 2D or 3D design (depending on CNC)
    • Improved performance and accuracy of the machine, because all parameters can be set with more simplicity and efficacy
    • Possibility of interfacing the machine with automated systems
    • Connection with TeamViewer for remote diagnosis and checkup (depending on CNC)
obsolete cnc press brake retrofitting

cnc replacement press brake

Safety systems

Bring your press brake up to code and upgrade its protection devices:

  • Replacement of standard laser barrier with the new DSP-AP laser barrier
  • Optional integration of the new DSP-AP laser curtain:
    • More protection thanks to the unique shape of laser beam
    • Sheet thickness recognition
    • Repositioning of speed change point > cycle time reduced by 1.2 seconds
    • Auto-blanking function for box assembly
    • Quick unlock for punch change
    • Emergency unlock in case of collision
  • User manual integration
  • Declaration of “Safety device upgrade”
  • Blinking light installation
  • Supply and installation of stopping space verification system
nonstandard press brake retrofitting

nonstandard press brake upgrade

  • Bench milling for correct die support
  • Ram milling
  • Intermediate milling for correct punch support
  • Milling and control of backgauges
  • Laser alignment of all machine geometries, starting from the ram, to intermediates, bench, and backgauges, to recover original precision levels.
  • Optional upgrade of pneumatic/hydraulic clamping
  • Optional upgrade of backgauges
clamping refurbishing press brake

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