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We know our machines in every little detail, and we take care of them in the best possible way. We can update the systems and components that do not distort the original plan, but enrich functionality, security... and guarantee many more years of hard work.

Gasparini Industries is structured to ensure customers of an efficient and professional assistance service thanks to the preparation and many years of experience of its technicians and of all the technical staff that represent it in the world.


  • Set Up and installation:
    Gasparini always relies on trusted technicians and shippers. Upon request, we can provide shipping, unloading and installation as a complete service. Skilled personnel will take care of the final test, making sure that the machine is in perfect efficiency, ready to work.

  • Assistance Service:
    Through its own local sales and service network, Gasparini ensures customers of efficient and professional support. The service centre also has highly specialised technicians at its disposal who are able to provide support to the local service and help customers solve their problems.

  • Rapid supply of original spare parts
    Our warehouse is able to provide most of the Gasparini replacement parts. We work closely with our partners to always have all the other components in a short time.

  • Remote service - Teleservice:
    Gasparini offers a service supplying immediate and safe specialised technical assistance by phone. Using an Internet connection, our technicians are able to diagnose the problems of the machines or software in remote mode, reducing machine down times. Advantages: immediate fault diagnosis, reduction of machine down times, reduction of the time spent on telephone assistance, easy to use, safe, inexpensive.

  • Planned maintenance contracts:
    This contemplates a complete check-up consisting of scheduled periodic visits with the aim of checking the efficiency of the machine in order to ensure that its performance remains constant over time in terms of productivity, reliability and safety.

  • Training courses
    Gasparini provides its customers with training and refresher courses. These classes allow to utilize the machines under the best working conditions, to discover every aspect of the press brakes and to learn new regulations. Gasparini also offers seminars and events in association with other companies and associations in the field.

  • Retrofit
    It's the best and most cost-effective way to give a new life to your machinery.
    Gasparini products can work to the best of their performances for a long time.
    Still, after many years they may need a overhaul or an upgrade, and for this reason Gasparini Industries has established a really innovative retrofit program.

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