Anti-torsion system

No more twisted pieces

"Can we control the twisting of the workpiece?”
"Yes, stabilizing it on the back.”

During the cutting process, the material tends to twist. Because of this, the work-piece must be pushed against the upper blade. This opposing action allows us to prevent the twisting effects, which depend on the geometry and the characteristics of the material and the cutting parameters.

torsion twist deformation sheared sheet metal

It compensates the effects of torsion of the material.

How is it made?
The exclusive Anti-Twist system consists of a series of hydraulic cylinders placed below the lower blade, which support the sheet metal against the upper blade.

sheet metal anti torsion system

How does it work?
The cylinders exert counter-pressure in proportion to the thickness of the cut, thus compensating the twist effect of the sheet.

avoid sheet metal twisting

The version with Continuous Anti Torsion distributes the force evenly. It serves to reduce the possibility of damage to the surface of thin metal sheets, or in case of delicate finishes such as polished stainless steel or pre-painted plates.

cut sheet metal torsion

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