Sheet back support

Move cut pieces easily and quickly

Back supports allow to move cut pieces according to production needs. They are available in 3 versions.

sheet metal shears back support

• Version A [standard] moves vertically and rotates. It lowers during the cutting phase and then tilts to let the cut piece slide away.



• Version B [optional], as well as moving vertically and rotating, it also moves horizontally. The support moves away from under the cut piece so as to let it fall into the front box. It is specially suitable to cut small pieces, that can therefore be easily retrieved from the front of the machine.



• Version C [optional], in addition to other movements, also has the Return To Sender function. After the cut, the support lifts the cut piece back to the cutting line. The back gauge then pushes it out on the bench, reducing time used to handle cut pieces.



Let the shear do its job.
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