Blade pads

A precision system for linear and straight cuts

How it is made
Unlike the traditional machines that only have two guides at the ends of the blade, X-Cut shears are characterised by a series of adjustable pads every 200 mm, which maintain the blade accurately in position.

blade pads shearing straightness

How it works
The Blade Pads system ensures linearity and accuracy in any condition, for the best cutting quality in the world.
The precise and smooth movement contributes to the cutting straightness and reliability.

guillotine shears linearity error correction


  • Absence of side tracks: no load, wear and maintenance of these components.
  • No wear of blocks between the cylinder and the moving blade.
  • The balanced load does not require a periodic recovery of clearance: less maintenance compared to a shear with side tracks.
  • The solution enables the adoption of the backgauge fixed to the structure of the shears

shearing error correction

Cut product waste and production times
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