Back gauge

Precise cuts, every time.

"How do I always get this precision?"

"With the built-in back gauge, not subject to vibrations due to the motion of the blade."

Since the back gauge is fixed to the machine's frame, it is not affected by vibrations related to the movement of the blade holder.

guillotine shears back gauge

Thanks to this solution, the back gauge is positioned with extreme rapidity (up to 500 mm/s), but especially in an accurate (± 0,05 mm) and repeatable (± 0.03 mm) way. Furthermore, maintenance is reduced to a minimum: no need for continuous adjustments. There are no misalignments caused by the cyclic movement of the ram, ensuring the same original levels of precision over time.

hydraulic shears back gauge

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Back gauge stroke can be increased to 1500 mm as an option. You can also add the disappearing back gauge function, where the back gauge lifts and enables to cut pieces longer than the maximum back gauge stroke.


Measure twice, cut once.
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