Solutions for press brakes

ACSG Active Crowning

Active feedback Crowning system for a constant angle
“Can we foresee the material’s reaction?”  “No, because each material reacts in a different way.”    Each material, due to its own characteristics and conditions, behaves differently during the bending process. That is why it is almost impossible to foresee (...)


Real-time springback and angle control
“Can we control the springback of the material being bent?”  “Yes, with accurate angle control”  Springback is a phenomenon that appears when bending any type of material under any type of condition.  In order to get a precise bend on varying materials, an angle measuring system (...)


Patented proportional frame deformation correction system
“Can we achieve a constant bend on different lengths?”  “Yes, you can – by compensating for the deflection of the machine's structure.”  During the bending process, the side frames are subject to deflection.  This effect results in the top beam moving away from (...)

ECO package

Less energy, more speed
In line with our strategy based on the continuous innovation, we are proud to introduce the ECO Concept: a package of innovative and customer-oriented solutions aimed at reducing machine consumptions.    In this period of critical economic situation, energy saving has dual value: eco-nomy to optimize (...)

Tool clamping

Supports for punches, dies, and punch holders
  To meet the widest range of production needs, Gasparini offers a complete range of clamping systems and punch holders to fit almost all tools available, be it European-style or American-style. Combining Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Manual clamping technologies with a wide range of punch holders, Gasparini (...)

Back gauges

Ample choice of backgauges and sheet followers to meet all needs
X-PRESS presses can be equipped with a wide range of back gauges to meet the most varied production needs. The RPS and RPG series are characterized by robustness, accuracy and repeatability.  Brushless motors permit fast displacement of back gauges, thus reducing waiting times. Linear guides with rack (...)

Front supports

Hold the sheet metal properly
CE STANDARD  Standard CE sheet front support with adjustable height. Provided as standard if no other supports are chosen.    FSA-A  Front support arms made of aluminum profiles. The coupling system allows quick positioning along its entire length. They are also vertically adjustable (...)

Barcode reader

Powerful and easy-to-use 1D and 2D code scanner
This wireless code reader communicates with the CNC through its recharge base. It's able to read traditional 1D bar codes (EAN, Code128, Code39 Extended, etc) as well as the newer and more efficient 2D codes (DataMatrix, QRCode, ecc).    In order to load a bending program, one just has to (...)

Syner-G remote control

The first remote control for press brakes
  We are proud to introduce Syner-G, Gasparini's latest brainchild. It is a remote control to manage the most used function of your press brake.  This device allows to easily access some functions:  • opening and closing of pneumatic clamping for punches and dies  • (...)

DSP-AP Laser protection

Safety and productivity
DSP-AP generates a visible laser protection compliant with EN12622 regulation. The beam protects the press brake operator from the danger of being crushed between upper and lower tool. This device reduces the mute point (speed change point) to up to 4 mm from the sheet metal, thus permitting a remarkable (...)

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