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Ample choice of backgauges and sheet followers to meet all needs

X-PRESS presses can be equipped with a wide range of back gauges to meet the most varied production needs. The RPS and RPG series are characterized by robustness, accuracy and repeatability.

Brushless motors permit fast displacement of back gauges, thus reducing waiting times. Linear guides with rack and pinion drive guarantee high and constant precision thanks to the compensation of mechanical play.

press brake back gauges

All back gauges, also in the basic 2 axes configuration, can be moved and repositioned without having to access the rear of the machine, with considerable time-saving safety advantages. By selecting the F function, the operator pneumatically unlocks and moves the turrets toward himself without the use of keys or tools: the operator can now reposition the back gauges according to the new needs from his workstation.

finger back gauges press brake

Thanks to the Anti-collision System, the back gauge punch is disengaged in the event of shocks that could damage it or even make it lose its position. In this case, the operator can easily put the gauge back in its seat.

With the Thin-support system (optional retractable back supports) even thinner sheets are always correctly positioned and guided. Back supports have ball sliders and brushes to protect even the most delicate surfaces.


retractable back supports sheet metal


The RPS and RPG series with the different versions cover all combinations from 2 to 6 or more axes. The RPG system is based on completely independent turrets and integrates the maximum number of axes.



RPS press brake back gauges

The RPS back gauge consists of a one-piece structure, driven by rack and pinion travelling on recirculating balls linear guides. It includes an X and R axes (depth and height) in the standard configuration and is fitted with two reference back fingers, mounted on linear guides and operated with hardened and ground rack-and-pinion transmission.

conical bend 8 axis back gauge

The guide profile is made of an aluminum extruded part whose design grants high rigidity and thus precision. All axes of the back gauge are programmed for maximum speed for all movements and for deceleration when nearing requested distances. The back gauge has an integrated safety device so that it cannot hit the tools and which varies according to the size of the lower tool. The RPS system can be expanded upon request even on installed machines.

The RPS back gauge is characterized by:

  • High speed
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • AC brushless motors
  • The movements of the X and R axes are made with hardened and ground rack-and-pinion with modular pitch
  • Z movement is made with transmission spur, with cut rack modular pitch accuracy
  • Up to 75 degrees of conical bend
  • All this leads to less noise, greater durability and greater precision





The back gauge type RPG is extremely sturdy and precise, suitable for heavy processing as well as any type of bending. In order to assure this level of performance, the back gauges are designed and manufactured with high technology, sophisticated and reliable components, providing a wide handling range, an easy oblique positioning, a very high precision and the possibility to integrate back sheet followers.

RPG turret back gauges

The back gauge type RPG consists of two or more trolleys, each equipped with 3 axes (X-R-Z) which are moved by linear guides, ball screws and AC brushless motors. This configuration with independent trolleys and axes enables any kind of positioning, does not limit any kind of inclination or conical bending, and furthermore allows the operator to make a large variety of movements within the machine itself.

The back gauge RPG is characterized by:

  • High flexibility
  • X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2
  • Optional sheet followers
  • X axis stroke increased

On the rear side of the machine, it is possible to install sheet followers, to support the metal sheet in a similar way as with front sheet followers. They are especially useful in case of very thin, wide, and heavy metal sheets.


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