Patented proportional frame deformation correction system

“Can we achieve a constant bend on different lengths?”
“Yes, you can – by compensating for the deflection of the machine's structure.”

During the bending process, the side frames are subject to deflection.
This effect results in the top beam moving away from the lower beam, compromising the accuracy of the control systems. Frame deformation is a physical phenomenon that cannot be avoided.

press brake deformation

Only a machine equipped with a compensation system, such as the Reflex system, can overcome and correct this natural problem.

REFLEX, the proportional compensation system
It corrects the deformation of the side frames so as to get a perfect bend across the entire length of the part.

Reflex is a system designed by Gasparini to monitor the press brake structural deflections. The system, which is installed on all Gasparini press brakes, is composed of a sliding device, connected to the linear encoder, which is placed on the “C” side frames anchored to the lower beam.

press brake deformation compensation

These side frames are not affected by the structural deflections as they are not connected to the machine frame, and allow a correct positioning of the ram, thus achieving the same bending angle along the whole work piece.

press brake deformation correction

Regardless of the length, thickness and position of the work piece, as well as from the side frame deflections that may arise due to the loading force, the position of the top beam is constantly checked during the bending process so to assure a constant angle.

precision bend sheet metal


Real time control. Effective on each piece being bent.


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