ACSG Active Crowning

Active feedback Crowning system for a constant angle

“Can we foresee the material’s reaction?”
“No, because each material reacts in a different way.”

Each material, due to its own characteristics and conditions, behaves differently during the bending process. That is why it is almost impossible to foresee all the possible reactions involved while maintaining maximum precision.

That's because regulations, for each type of sheet metal, only dictate the minimum value of structural resistence. For instance, S275 steel must have minimum yield strength of 275 MPa. This means that steels with yield strength of 340 MPa will be classified as S275, because they are not strong enough to be classified as S355. Every batch will be different, depending on the casting. Also other factors such as rolling direction, temperature, storage, drilled holes, punched holes, and cuts will influence the piece's reaction.

crowning error press brake

It is far better to intervene in the process during the actual bending sequence, in real time.

ACSG, the active crowning system
Control of the machine's deformation in real time

active crowning working principle

The heart of our ACSG system lies in the multiple sensors placed on the ram and on the lower beam of the machine. These sensors detect any deformation of the machine components resulting from the material characteristics during bending, and apply corrective measures by use of crowning pistons mounted in the lower beam.

feedback crowning press brake

The crowning correction starts simultaneously in real time during the bending cycle and is applied as a direct measurement of deflection occurring during the bending process regardless of and specific to material type, thickness and position. No values are required during programming. The result is complete control at maximum precision and absolute repeatability, with any material.

You don't have to set any value: the machine reads it from its sensors. The material may change completely from one piece to another, and the press brake will always react in the best way.

ACSG2 is the most advanced version of Gasparini active crowning, part of the ECO package. In this configuration, we have a pressurized oil reservoir, charged when the press brake is not active. When bending, the system therefore already has a spare volume of oil, ready to be used. Crowning starts instantly, reducing idle times and lowering motor and pump stress. Also power consumption is reduced, because the oil reservoir enables a smaller pump that can run at reduced power.

closed loop crowning energy saving

ACSG2 is a patented system, a result of Gasparini's research and development. Put it to the test, we already did.

Sheet metal is getting more and more unpredictable.
Let’s hammer this out once and for all.

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