Real-time springback and angle control

“Can we control the springback of the material being bent?”
“Yes, with accurate angle control”

Springback is a phenomenon that appears when bending any type of material under any type of condition.
In order to get a precise bend on varying materials, an angle measuring system is necessary for a perfect result without the need to perform preliminary tests or corrections.

bending different materials

GPS4, the contact control system
Sensor with 4 contact points for a perfect bend

GPS4 controls and adjust the angle during the bending process. The heart of the system is the double-fork sensor establishing 4 contact points on the material: this detects the bending angle on two points on both sides of the bend. It then sends the data to the control system, thus enabling a perfect bend angle from the first piece to the last. It is user-friendly because it does not require the input of thickness, length, type of material or bending force. It eliminates the need to perform sample tests and only requires the programming of the bending angle.

gps4 springback compensation measure

With GPS4 you can work with very short minimum flanges, even equal to the minimum flange length allowed by the die. You can work with pieces with many reverse bends, with no problems due to tolerances and error accumulation. Surface gloss has no impact on the measurement. With traditional laser sensors, all this is very difficult, or even impossible.

gps4 springback correction sheet metal

Many advantages:
– Allows work pieces with flanges that do not extend beyond the width of the V-die.
– Maximum precision and repeatability without manual correction.
– The angle measurement is real, not theoretic.
– The system enables free space around the work area.
– It is possible to use up to four working stations.



Learn to bend any material easily, measuring the real angle:
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