Tool clamping

Supports for punches, dies, and punch holders

To meet the widest range of production needs, Gasparini offers a complete range of clamping systems and punch holders to fit almost all tools available, be it European-style or American-style. Combining Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Manual clamping technologies with a wide range of punch holders, Gasparini press brakes reach the best production needs coverage. Gasparini press brakes can equally use long type tools (i.e. Wila, Beyeler, LVD, Gasparini, American-style, etc.) fitted straight on the ram and short type tools (i.e. Promecam, etc.) fitted on the punch holder.


AIC System

The AIC upper self-aligning pneumatic tools clamping with punch holders, is suitable for European type tools. AIC clamping allows the tools to be inserted and removed safely from the front of the machine in a vertical manner. Tools are automatically aligned, seated and clamped, reducing changing time and significantly increasing productivity.

AIC pneumatic sheet metal punch press brake tool clamping

The AIC clamping system also allows the fitting of reversed top tools, using a rear plate which can be activated from the front of the machine. Pneumatic clamping cannot be used above a certain tool weight or a maximum tonnage per meter.


New pneumatic sliding punch holders AIC AirSlide

The new pneumatic sliding punch holders AIC AirSlide (patent pending) are a revolution in the world of press brake tool clamping. An innovative compressed air distribution system allows you to move them along the entire length of the ram in any position. There is no air piping or other connections to be set.


New AIC AirSlide pneumatic intermediate adapters for press brake


You can position them in the desired point, with just the push of a finger: you don't need any tools and there are no idle times. Punch holders can be removed or added in any combination, with no air leaks. Moreover, they're self-aligning: when hydraulic clamping is activated, punch holders are immediately rested on the ram. No test bends are needed to align the elements.


Wila pneumatic clamping

Gasparini press brakes can be equipped with WILA pneumatic "New Standard Premium Clamping" Systems for punches, and "New Standard Premium Bottom Tool Holders" for dies. In this way you will be allowed to continue using your existing tools

WILA press brake tool clamping


The hydraulic clamping system is used in large size machines and high bending forces, or with long tools that do not need intermediate punch holders. The system achieves high locking strengths and, acting over large surfaces, needs low pressure and thereby guarantees a longer life for the system. The clamps allow the rapid and precise locking of the tool guaranteeing perfect alignment even in the case of fractional tools.

hydraulic clamping punches and dies


When production conditions do not require frequent tool changeover, the manual clamping systems is a good choice. The manual clamping system is very robust: it does not have tonnage limit thus can be used even for the highest tonnage.
Tools are extracted from the side in total safety condition since tools stay in place even when the clamping is open.

hydraulic and manual clamping


Punch holders can be mounted to the ram with Hydraulic or Manual clamping systems.
The range includes four single-tool punch holders (one tool position) and six double-tool punch holders (front and back tool positions) with various combinations of clamping systems.

intermediate tool clamping press brake

Tools can be mounted on the punch holders both Manually or Pneumatically (only European Type).
The range of punch holders includes version suitable to be mounted on almost all rams: this allows the press brake to equally use long type tools (i.e. Wila, Beyeler, LVD, Gasparini, American-style, etc.) fitted straight on the ram and short type tools (i.e. Promecam, European-style, etc.) fitted on the punch holders.


Thanks to the wide range of clamping systems, almost all lower tools (i.e. European-Promecam, Wila, Beyeler, LVD, Gasparini, etc.) can be fitted on X-PRESS ECO and Standard series with Pneumatic, Hydraulic, or Manual clamping technologies.


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