ECO package

Less energy, more speed

In line with our strategy based on the continuous innovation, we are proud to introduce the ECO Concept: a package of innovative and customer-oriented solutions aimed at reducing machine consumptions.

In this period of critical economic situation, energy saving has dual value: eco-nomy to optimize company resources utilization; eco-logy to take care of the environment for a better future.

The first application of the ECO Concept is the brand new X-Press ECO series. Environmentally-friendly, energy saving, fast, silent, limited-maintenance, less waste, extreme precision and repeatability are the trademarks of the new X-Press ECO. Gasparini was the first to introduce this technology in 2012, and is still one of the few companies in the field that masters this technology. The ECO configuration of the X-Press series is just the first step of an innovation plan that will distinguish the products Gasparini will develop in the future.

inverter drive press brake

On X-Press ECO, thanks to a new configuration of the hydraulic pump, we monitor the flow rate in the hydraulic circuit depending on the bending process. The motor is controlled by an inverter, which is only activated when the machine is operating, always and only delivering the power requested by the bending process. When the machine is idle, the motor is stopped so that energy consumption and oil stress are greatly reduced.

The ECO system permits a more rational and efficient use of energy, with a saving of up to 50% compared to the standard version. ACSG2 active crowning, fast and precise, is only available in the ECO package.

X-Press ECO obtains a huge reduction in maximum oil temperature as a result of control of the flow rate.

  • limitation of oil thermal stress
  • performance stability
  • lower heat and energy waste
  • longer oil life: less waste
  • longer pump and system life: less maintenance

-7 dBa
The X-Press ECO is a silent machine.
The pump, which represents the principal cause of the noise, produces significantly less noise compared to traditional press brakes. Tests show that the typical noise level on the operator side never exceeds 63 dBa, even at full power!

200+ mm/s
The new X-Press ECO reaches and exceeds a top of the market approaching and return speed of up to 200 mm/s.


ECO package

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